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"Martin Werner has internalized Debussy's elegant style completely and played music with a frothy and nuanced touch, enchanting tone colors, high virtuosity, and an impressive musical maturity. Of supernal beauty was <<Clair de Lune>>, which is often used in concerts as an encore. Here as well, the enthusiastic audience was brought into a contemplative mood, by dedicating the peroration to Johann Sebastian Bach - with the modest, wonderfully enraptured C major prelude out of the <<Wohltemperierten Clavier>>, followed by a pianistic, charming setting of the <<Munotglöggli*>>".

* The Munotglöggli is a famous composition in Schaffhausen, concerning the bell of Munot castle located on a hill over Schaffhausen.
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Gisela Zweifel-Fehlmann, 11.1.2016